Adrenalin Wild West Village Paintball Filed
Adrenalin Wild West Paintball Field
Adrenalin Wild West Village Paintball FiledAdrenalin Wild West Paintball Field


Some of the best built paintball fields in the country.

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Some of the biggest themed and best built paintball fields in the country.

  • Good on site facilities.
  • Free tea and coffee on arrival.

Check out our ever growing Wild West Town - 'Purgatory'

A fantastic purpose built setting, with a main street, Boothill Cemetery, Hotel, Bank, Ranch, Indian Village, River with bridges, Stores and a Jail.

Are you quick enough on the draw!

The Z Bunker - World war two combat zone

Two storey mega bunker, multiple rooms, escape hatches. out side the field also has an observation post, anti tank & machine gun bunker, fuel dump and two mortar pits complete with mortars.

The Jungle Maze CQB

For close quarter battle enthusiasts. A maze of camouflage with bunkers galore and snipers nests you can be right next to your foe and not even know it.

Medieval fortress

A full sized fort with twin towers, 3 draw bridges and a moat, Multiple rooms, buildings and a tunnel


1. Bronze £23, x300 PB & Hotdog

2. SIlver £28, x400 PB & Hotdog

3. Gold £33, x600 PB & Hotdog 

Smoke/Flash Bangs £3, Refills x100 £7, x200 £12, x300 £15. A box of x2000 PB £90

ASK ABOUT OUR NEW .50 calibre guns, half the pain all the fun!

Check out some other clips filmed here at Adrenalin...


All the fun of paintball, but half the pain. great for kids parties!

Stag & a Birthday parties paintball

Stag & a Birthday parties paintball
Joint Stag & a Birthday parties paintball, 24th March 2018

Stag party

Stag party
Paintball 29th April 2018

Birthday party

Birthday party
Paintball in the snow

Paintball at Adrenalin

Paintball at Adrenalin
Large group from Manchester, paintball day

Stag party do battle

Stag party do battle
All day Paintball for a stag weekend.
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